University Research for Innovation (2010)

NW Glion Book

Luc E. Weber and James J. Duderstadt (eds)
Economica, Glion colloquium Series No 6, London, Paris, Genève (2010)

In June 2009, university and industry leaders from around the world gathered in Glion-above-Montreux, Switzerland, for the VII Glion Colloquium to consider
the role of research universities in an innovation-driven global society.

Whether in the old world of Europe and North America or in rapidly developing nations, the message is clear: innovation has become the key to prosperity and social well-being.

Today’s economy requires not only leadership in innovation, but also educated citizens capable of applying technology, talent and capital in new ways. Institutions of higher learning must collaborate with industry and government to create a climate that enables innovation to thrive.

Part of the challenge is the changing nature of innovation itself; it is becoming far more open, spans virtually all disciplines and is increasingly global. And it arises not only in the laboratory and classroom, but also in the marketplace, workplace and community.

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