The Glion Colloquium is organised by two bodies.


The leadership team runs the “Association Glion Colloquium”, the legal body supporting the organisation of the Colloquium and other initiatives

Yves Flückiger, President
Luc Weber, Founding President

Michael Hengartner, Vice-President
Gerlinde Kristahn, Secretary General

Scientific Commitee 2022-2023

A scientific commitee, renewed every two years, identifies new topics and potential participants.

Ana Mari Cauce, President, University of Washington Seattle

Mamokgethi Phakeng, Vice Chancellor & Principal, University of Cape Town (UCT)

Subra Suresh, President Nanyang Technological University

Luc Weber, Rector Emeritus University of Geneva

Yves Flückiger, Rector, University of Geneva ; President, Swissuniversities ; President of the Glion Colloquium

Joël Mesot, President Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich.
Michael Spence, President and Provost, University College London

Gerlinde Kristahn, Secretary General, Glion Colloquium Association