The University in the 21st Century: Innovative, International, Pro-active (2016)

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The University in the 21st century: innovative, international, pro-active arrives at a key moment for universities in the West, especially Europe and Japan. Globalization and developments in science and technology, coupled with a highly competitive environment, are generating a swift and profound transformation which no one and no institution, universities included, can escape.
Universities are caught in a pincer movement brought about by a dual challenge. On the one hand, they must greatly innovate to remain at the forefront in the courses they provide, the research they undertake and the services they render. In addition, they must become more international, work with the best staff and students to improve continuously, and develop a top-level academic culture.

On the other hand, public authorities are no longer willing or capable of supporting universities to the extent they did in the second half of the 20th century, even if it’s widely acknowledged that universities are absolutely crucial in today’s knowledge society.

This book examines the new paths that are available to universities to adapt to this new environment and to fund their modernization. It then describes the conditions that must be in place in terms of governance and leadership to achieve this.
Finally, this book is addressed to all those who assume responsibility at universities, beginning with university presidents, as well as politicians, business people and anyone who would like to better understand the University.

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Published March 2016 by Glion Colloquium, 177 pp.  14$

Luc Weber identifies in his book the most important challenges facing internationally orientated universities, today and tomorrow. Well worth reading!Bernd Huber, Präsident, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich
A book of original opinions, clear, sometimes provocative, always stimulating and, finally, entertaining.Rolf Tarrach, President, European University Association” (EUA), and Rector emeritus, University of Luxembourg
Much more than one of the best analyses of universities in the 21st Century, this is a timely call for universities and the whole of society. It is not sufficient to state that universities are an asset for the 21st Century, it is necessary to act! Luc Weber shows us the ways to do it.Alain Beretz, Chair, League of European Research Universities (LERU) and President University of Strasbourg
As founder and leader of the Glion Colloquium, a biennal meeting of the world’s leading university presidents, Luc Weber provides a powerful essay concerning the challenges facing university leadership in the 21st Century that should be of great interest to leaders in higher education, business, government and the general public.James J. Duderstadt, President emeritus, University of Michigan
Across the world, higher education is facing many challenges. Demand is increasing, quality is under threat and resources are scarce. In this timely book, Luc Weber draws upon a lifetime of international experience to analyze the current crisis. It is essential reading for university leaders, policy-makers and all who feel passionately about the future of Universities.Sir Howard Newby, Vice-Chancellor Emeritus University of Southampton and Liverpool and former Chief Executive, Higher Education Founding Council for England

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