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The University at the Crossroadsto a Sustainable Future. Much like the 11th Glion Colloquium in 2017, during the 12thColloquium there was less emphasis on the themes that are famil-iar among university leaders like financial sustainability, research opportunities, rankings and internationalization. To use a phrase from the concluding remarks of the 11th Colloquium, the “long shadow” of all the political events in Europe and the United States since 2016 “that had been cast across the world” was still palpable. Of course, also during this colloquium the contributions addressed themes that are important and urgent to univer-sities, but throughout the discussions there was a clear sense of the rapidly changing world around us and the question of how universities could adapt to the new reality. It seems that the world as a global village is being replaced by separate political blocks that are fighting trade wars, and in which the days of growing student mobility and increasing internationalization are over.