The Engagement of Australian Universities with Globalization

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Despite the common image of isolated ivory towers, universities in point of fact have long embraced the world beyond their national horizon. Initially, scholars travelled from country to country in search of a student audience. Now, students in their hundreds of thousands are internationally mobile in search of a  university degree  

Globalization: What does it Mean for Higher Education?

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Globalization is centre-stage in the contemporary world. It interests almost everyone. Education, alas, is  back-stage somewhere in the midst of the props. It interests some of us. Globalization and education,  together, is a relatively unexplored subject, particularly among economists. The object of this essay is to  reflect upon the intersection of,  

Partnering on a Global Scale

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The past decade has brought tumultuous change to industry, effectively rewriting the assumptions and  rules of how global business is conducted and of where to locate one’s operations and why. The  advancement of information and communications technology, the ready access to a global delivery infrastructure, the pervasiveness of worldwide supply chains,  

Has our Reach exceeded our Grasp

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My purpose in this essay is to draw a distinction between being “global” and being “international”. I  would like to begin, however, from a more personal perspective. For more than 40 years now I have  spent a substantial portion of each year outside my own country. Like many academics, I have in my  study a world map full of black …

Higher Education in the 21st Century

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We live in a time of great change, an increasingly global society, driven by the exponential growth of new  knowledge and knitted together by rapidly evolving information and communication technologies.  It is a time of challenge and contradiction, as an ever-increasing human population threatens global  sustainability;