The Asian Tiger University Effect

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A common wisdom is that we are now entering the Asian Century, having travelled the American century in the 1900s and the British century in the 1800s. This reflects the array of impressive economic indicators emerging in the East. As the Australia in the Asian Century white paper (Australian Government, 2012) notes, in the past 20 years alone China and …

Globalization, Universities and Sustainability Effects

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More than ever, research universities live in an environment heavily impacted by the forces of  globalization. Their strategic thinking continues to be influenced by robust competition in critical areas such as funding, enrolment, recruitment and reputation, as well as by developments beyond their  national higher education systems.  

The Engagement of Australian Universities with Globalization

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Despite the common image of isolated ivory towers, universities in point of fact have long embraced the world beyond their national horizon. Initially, scholars travelled from country to country in search of a student audience. Now, students in their hundreds of thousands are internationally mobile in search of a  university degree