Preface of the University in a Polarizing World

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The research universities represented by the Glion Colloquium have been responsible for many of the greatest discoveries and intellectual breakthroughs in history. I am proud to lead one of these universities. For the last 800 years in Cambridge, new discoveries have been forged to transform the way we live and …

Sustaining World Class Universities: Who Pays and How

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Higher education is now unarguably a global activity. In a digitally connected world, where capital and labour flow increasingly freely without hindrance from national boundaries, universities are no less subject to the forces of globalization than any other part of service sector economy. Universities from all over the world  

The Challenge to European Universities in the Emerging Global Marketplace

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Although the topic for this paper implies a focus on Europe, the issues I want to address are by no means  limited to that continent. Without wishing to minimize the significance of national differences  and continental contexts, it is possible to discern a set of generic issues facing higher education …