The Contribution of Research Universities in solving the ‘Grand Challenges’

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Obviously, the world is changing rapidly, and not only for the better: Grand challenges for society are arising and demand solutions. Some challenges can be foreseen, some may occur without warning. When societal problems can be predicted, responsible governments have to address their solutions. Early research has to contribute to …

Innovation strategies of European Universities in the Triangle of Education, Research and Innovation

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In Europe, the first university started in Bologna in 1088 as “universitas magistrorum et scholarium”, a community of teachers and students. Its legitimacy was derived from a humanistic program; its activities consisted in providing general and professional education. As an example of the mission of a medieval university,  

Comprehensive Universities in Continental Europe: Falling Behind

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Universities in continental Europe have a long tradition of nearly one thousand years, incorporating the  idea of the “Greek academia”. The foundation of universities spread rapidly throughout medieval Europe, with Bologna (1088) and Paris (1150) as the first, acting as models for the others to come. The university started as …