The New Road to Success: Contributions of Universities towards more Resilient Societies

Boillat Jean-Philippe Glion Book

This 14th volume of the Glion Colloquia provides an insight into resilience and how universities can enhance it for the benefit t of society. Universities seek solutions that contribute to a globally resilient society by promoting policy decisions based on research evidence.

Universities as fifth Power?Opportunities, Risks and Strategies

GK Glion Book

This 13th volume recording the Glion Colloquiums provides a striking set of ideas concerning the communication and exchange of research universities with society. Its timely topic was chosen by the programme committee in 2019, before the outbreak of the pandemic.

The University at the Crossroads to a Sustainable Future

LW Glion Book

This twelfth volume of Glion Colloquiums provides a striking kaleidoscopic perspective of the fast-changing environment of University activities and its consequences for their role and responsibilities. The diversity of the remarkable contributions provided here by some of the most eminent leaders of Research University …