The New Road to Success: Contributions of Universities towards more Resilient Societies

Boillat Jean-Philippe Glion Book

This 14th volume of the Glion Colloquia provides an insight into resilience and how universities can enhance it for the benefit t of society. Universities seek solutions that contribute to a globally resilient society by promoting policy decisions based on research evidence.

Universities as fifth Power?Opportunities, Risks and Strategies

GK Glion Book

This 13th volume recording the Glion Colloquiums provides a striking set of ideas concerning the communication and exchange of research universities with society. Its timely topic was chosen by the programme committee in 2019, before the outbreak of the pandemic.

The University at the Crossroads to a Sustainable Future

LW Glion Book

This twelfth volume of Glion Colloquiums provides a striking kaleidoscopic perspective of the fast-changing environment of University activities and its consequences for their role and responsibilities. The diversity of the remarkable contributions provided here by some of the most eminent leaders of Research University …

The Future of the University in a Polarizing World

LW Glion Book

This volume provides a fascinating perspective on the challenges facing Research Universities worldwide in an increasingly uncertain future. Breakthroughs in science and technology not only impact on the university’s fundamental missions –  learning, scholarship and research – they can inadvertently, with globalization, deepen the divide between those who take advantage …

The Globalization of Higher Education (2008)

NW Glion Book

The Sixth Glion Colloquium brought together university leaders from around the world in Glion above Montreux, Switzerland, to consider the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities presented to higher education by the emerging global, knowledge-driven economy.

University and Business: Partnering for the Knowledge Society (2006)

NW Glion Book

The Glion Colloquia were begun in 1998 to bring together university leaders from Europe and North America to compare perspectives concerning the challenges and opportunities facing higher education. These meetings have usually been held in Glion, near Montreux, Switzerland, although the second meeting in 2000 was held in La Jolla, …

Reinventing the Research University (2004)

NW Glion Book

PART I: SETTING THE SCENE Chapter 1. Reinventing the University Frank RHODES Chapter 2. Why do we need to reinvent the Research intensive University? An American perspective Bob ZEMSKY and Jim DUDERSTADT Chapter 3. Why do we need to reinvent the Research intensive University? A European perspective Luc WEBER Chapter …

As the walls of academia are tumbling down (2002)

LW Glion Book

At its first meeting in 1998, members of the Glion Colloquium identified some major challenges facing universities in the age of the informatlon technology and communication revolution. One of these challenges is to set up new intc-llectual alliances within the university and new partnerships outside it. The ithird Colloquium, wh~chto …

Governance in higher Education: The university in a state of flux (2001)

NW Glion Book

The structures, missions and challenges of Western European and American universities have much in common. But there also exist significant differences, particularly in the way that these institutions are governed. The 2000 Glion Colloquium addressed the defining issues of governance in research universities. Participants examined governance in a university as …

Challenges facing Higher Education at the millennium (1999)

LW Glion Book

In Western Europe and North America, higher education, while highly valued and acclaimed by all, faces great challenges at the millennium. Therefore, the academic community and its leaders must take stock of its present status, explore the challenges of the future, and evaluate promising initiatives to meet these challenges. Recognition …