Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Employment and the Role of Universities

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The research universities represented by the Glion Colloquium have been responsible for many of the greatest discoveries and intellectual breakthroughs in history. I am proud to lead one of these universities. For the last 800 years in Cambridge, new discoveries have been forged to transform the way we live and understand our world. Yesterday’s discoveries here — gravity, evolution, DNA …

The role of universities and social needs in times of great change

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It goes without saying that universities are social entities, and the very meaning of their existence is directly related to whether they can serveand benefit society. Although this may vary widely among universities, and an institution may place more importance on one philosophy over another, almost all universities are founded on the principle of making positive contributions to society.

University Priorities and Constraints (2016)

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wo dozen leaders of the world’s most distinguished universities gathered in Glion-above-Montreux, Switzerland, to compare how their institutions best determined their priorities and plans in the face of the many challenges and constraints they face. The increasing globalization of higher education was apparent in many common issues such as financial constraints, completion for outstanding faculty and students, rapidly evolving technologies, …