National Strategy for Higher Education and Research: Challenges and Pitfalls from a French Perspective

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The research universities represented by the Glion Colloquium have been responsible for many of the greatest discoveries and intellectual breakthroughs in history. I am proud to lead one of these universities. For the last 800 years in Cambridge, new discoveries have been forged to transform the way we live and understand our world. Yesterday’s discoveries here — gravity, evolution, DNA …

University Priorities and Constraints (2016)

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wo dozen leaders of the world’s most distinguished universities gathered in Glion-above-Montreux, Switzerland, to compare how their institutions best determined their priorities and plans in the face of the many challenges and constraints they face. The increasing globalization of higher education was apparent in many common issues such as financial constraints, completion for outstanding faculty and students, rapidly evolving technologies, …

The social and political responsibilities of research universities

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This paper attempts to come up with possible answers to the question:“What do universities consider to be their most important prioritiesand responsibilities in 1) addressing the challenges facing their institutions; and 2) expectations arising from their societies at the local, regional or global level?” Specifically, I wish to address some possible inconsistencies between a university’s strategy and external societal and …

Can the French System support competitive Research Universities

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during this symposium, we have addressed the question of the imbalance between educational need and educational capacity. Of course, this question has been asked in France. What are the answers? Are they adequate? Are they specific to the French situation or can they be used in a wider range of countries or systems? The purpose of this paper is mainly …

Preparing the University and its Graduates for the Unpredictable and Unknowable

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Universities are a key player in the “knowledge society”. But this increased influx of knowledge and the exponential rate of technical progress also generate anxiety and fear that could undermine the fundamental role of universities to elaborate and disseminate knowledge. Universities should not be locked into the sterile debate of